“I’d like to take a moment to shine a spotlight on a very talented graphic artist I’m lucky to have on my team, Ashley Farrand. This month we finished our 5th brand design project together. With more amazing work in the pipe for 2016, I can’t emphasize how awesome it is to collaborate with such great people.”

– Stephen Curtis

“I would recommend Ashley Farrand to anybody. Two years ago she created the perfect logo for my video production company, along with a website that was organized, easy to navigate, and charming to visitors. And even better, two years after creating the logo, she sent me a new version to use in our video productions. That responsiveness was incredibly helpful and gave our work an added level of professionalism.”

– Nathan Oelker

“When deciding on bringing my website to life I immediately connected with Ashley. She gets to know you and takes your style, idea, and vision to create a beautiful visual representation of your thoughts. Not only that, but she helps with any web questions, plug-ins, and design curiousness you have. An expert at her craft, I highly recommend Ashley for creative web design projects! I always refer her to friends and associates”

– Isabella Rizo

“Gawd you’re awesome, trust me ill be using you ALOT MORE later this year!”

– Taylor Gibb

“Ashley is one of the most creative individuals I have ever had the privilege of working with. Every idea that I throw her direction, she tosses back stronger, cleaner and better. She is smart, practical and very easy to work with. Ashley designed the logo for my business, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I am proud to have partnered with her on several projects and I am looking forward to working with her in the future”

– Kent Bridgeman

“Our first big decision John [Malkin, Business Manager] and I made was that we really needed a website. Our second big decision was aesthetic: we wanted it to be easy and fun to use. Then when our site was launched a few months later, many people remarked on how easy and fun it was to use. So simply put, Ashley’s work achieved exactly what we wanted. The process was easy as well, and exciting! Every step of the way she posted new files of the different components for our review, and considering our busy schedules, that really made everything possible.”

– Nathan Oelker, Artistic Director, TBC: The Rust Belt

“Ashley Farrand is a talented website designer who created a clean and professional looking website for me. The Home Page promotes both of my novels by flashing from one book to the next. She took the time to research my background and even found the perfect cover image, a view of the river in my hometown. The new website is easy for me to edit with room to expand as I add books. I am extremely pleased with Ashley’s service and my new website.”

– Diane Owens Prettyman

Ashley Farrand